There are four training levels in Jikiden Reiki:

  1. Shoden (first level – Reiki 1)
  2. Okuden (advanced level – Reiki 2)
  3. Shihan-kaku (assistant teacher)
  4. Shihan (teacher)

On the following pages you will find detailed information on the content of the trainings and the requirements you have to fulfill in order to get your qualifications for a Shihan-kaku and a Shihan training.

Every participant of a Jikiden Reiki Training is asked by Tadao Yamaguchi to fill out a form that they will not pass on the teaching material unless they got the teaching license. Even then Jikiden Reiki should be passed on exclusively as a complete system. Trainings for Shihan are provided by Tadao Yamaguchi and Frank Arjava Petter, trainings for Shihan-kaku are provided by several teachers (see list)

Traditionally, Shoden and Okuden levels had been taught consecutively as one block seminar by Hayashi Sensei on his travels. Tadao Yamaguchi keeps the tradition on his travels outside of Japan. Worldwide, the Shihan-Kakus and Shihans provide Shoden and Okuden levels either as individual seminars or as block seminars. Please consult the webpages of the teachers for upcoming seminars.


Shoden / Okuden / Shihan-Kaku / Shihan


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